Building a Better Board: Are Your Trustees Endowment Ready?

By Alana Zavett Green, Consultant

When assessing your organization’s readiness for a building an endowment, the role of the board of directors is critical to the organization’s overall success. Two important questions posed in the Readiness Assessment pertain to an organization’s leadership: Are they participating? and Do they have the time? In order to motivate your board to assume a more substantial fundraising role, here are a few questions your organization should consider:

  • Are your board members already taking an active fundraising role? 
  • Are they currently major donors?
  • Can your board members articulate the mission of the organization?
  • Are you playing to your board members’ individual strengths and interests? 
  • Do they have interest/capacity to take on more responsibility? (Or, are they already stretched too thin?)
  • Do your board members feel recognized and appreciated?

Your board is likely comprised of some of your organization’s most important donors and outspoken advocates. If they fully understand the mission of the work, are fundraising already, and are currently feeling fulfilled in their roles as trustees, they will be more inclined to seek and accept new opportunities for involvement.

Remember, a healthy, engaged board is a happy, high functioning board. 

If your board feels valued, thanked, and appreciated, they are more likely to invest the time and energy it takes to build an endowment for your organization’s future.