Our Values

At Essex & Drake, we incorporate our values into each client relationship and project. By listening carefully, speaking candidly, handling information discreetly, and managing effectively, our team members develop productive partnerships with our clients based on these core values:

Competency:  We are highly experienced in the field of philanthropy. Because of our in-depth knowledge and consulting experience, we are able to combine the expertise offered by larger firms with the creativity and flexibility of a small firm.

Ethical Standards:  We are professional and committed to the highest ethical standards. We will always make recommendations that are in our clients’ best interest (even if they aren’t in ours.) We understand the importance of donor confidentiality and the security of our clients’ financial information.

Community-mindedness: All of our team members have held development staff positions at local nonprofit organizations. We have worked in the trenches. We know that funding is often the leading gating item to making a difference in our community. We now enjoy the rewarding work of coaching volunteers and staff, accessing their untapped potential, and empowering them to raise the funds needed to make an even greater impact in the communities they serve.

Collaboration: Team work is an essential element of each client project. Our consultants understand that strong relationships between consultant team members and the client’s staff and board lead to the most successful outcomes. While each client has a dedicated consultant for their project, we may engage other professionals or organizations in instances where partnerships would yield greater impact.

Reliability: Our team members are dependable and responsive. After years of experience consistently providing valuable counsel, our consultants truly understand the importance of follow through and prompt communication.